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How it all began:

Since I was a child, I’ve had a fascination and love for magic. The first time I had my cards read, it changed my life. I was at a new age shop in a small town in NJ and this woman saw things in the cards that were so viscerally accurate to the moment, I was astounded. At a time in my life where I felt lost and afraid, this stranger changed my attitude and the course of my life in a ten minute conversation. I wasn’t particularly religious or spiritual - almost atheistic at that time in my life, but I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something other worldly about those 10 minutes. 


I had a similar experience with my first astrological reading. It felt like being introduced to myself fully for the first time. Astrology gave me a language for my feelings, motivations and how I can show up most effectively in the world. Understanding the cycles of the planets and how they mirror our unfolding has absolutely changed my life for the better and that is a gift I want to share with you.

Where we are now:

My readings hold space for the energies at hand and how best to co-create with them. I believe in empowering and inspiring my clients to find meaning and growth in every situation and aspect of life. 

I believe we are here to learn and to love. It is my mission to help people excel at both of those areas in life, however that may manifest for you. 


If you read this far, it was for a reason. What are you questioning in your life?

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