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Combining traditional Hellenistic and modern astrological techniques

using the whole sign house system and tropical zodiac


Natal Chart Reading (1st time Client):

A deep dive into your blueprint of stars from the moment you were born to what's impacting you now. Must know birth day, time and location.

60-minute Reading: $125 

Check-in (Returning Client):

Exploring ways to co-create with the energies at play for you in the present moment. 

60-minute Reading: $100

Solar Return/Year Ahead (Returning Client):

Exploring the planetary themes at play for you in the coming year. This session is intended to be around your birthday, but can be done at any time.

60-minute Reading: $100


*All meetings listed above will automatically be linked to a ZOOM video chat and  will be recorded. Recordings can be made available at your request. If you do not want your session recorded please let me know in advance or at the start of your reading. All personal information, discussions and recordings are confidential and will not be shared without client permissions.

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